What Size Under Cabinet Range Hood Do I Need

What Size Under Cabinet Range Hood Do I Need?

There are several important questions you need to ask what size range hood will you need such as: how will your range hood be mounted? What type of ventilation will you use? What type of grease filters do you want to have? How powerful of a blower do you need?

How quiet do you want your range hood? How tall do you need your range hood to be to mounted? And one of them that we are going to discuss is what size of the range hood should you get for your kitchen.

That Things to Check Out

You know you need a range hood and you definitely want one that performs well. At the same time, you also don’t want to over-dimension and spend more than you have to.

A recent report suggests that the majority of households have the wrong sized range hood for their homes meaning, either they are overspending or not spending more than they should be and that poses both inconveniences, discomfort at their homes. Finding one in the right size takes a little work we are here to help.

First, you’ll need to decide what size range hood, you’ll need for hoods that are mounted against a wall you will want to have your hood be equal to or just larger than your cooktop.

So it overlaps three inches on each side so if your cooktop is thirty inches a 36-inch range hood would overlap three inches on each side for an island mounted range hood you’ll want it to be a little bit larger because it’s going to have to compete with the cross breezes in your kitchen.

Make sure any island hood overlaps three to six inches on each side its important to have this overlap because the larger the canopy area of your hood the better it can trap unwanted grease heat smoke odor and vent it out of your kitchen second.

There are some questions associated with the size of the rang hood you are looking for. For example, you may ask yourself “How tall does my chimney need to be?” we got you covered. Well, there are two mounting options to choose from that we discussed:


For indoor hoods, it depends on the height of your ceiling. All of our chimney style range hoods are telescoping, making the height adjustable. Most of our unaltered hoods accommodate 8-9’ ceilings.

If your ceiling is taller, in most cases, an extension can be added to your hood for up to 12’ ceilings. For shorter ceilings, we offer custom cuts to get the perfect fit. Be sure to check the minimum chimney height on a hood or to see the lowest it can be cut down to.

If your hood can’t be vented through the ceiling (if you live in an apartment or condo), you may want to consider a ventless or ductless hood. This type of hood filters the air with a charcoal filter and recirculates it instead of redirecting the air to the outside.


It depends on the height of your outdoor structure. Most of our unaltered hoods accommodate 8-9’ structures. However, because we recommend a higher mounting clearance, some of our models will accommodate a taller outdoor structure.

If you need additional chimney than what’s provided, an extension can be added to your hood for up to 12’ ceilings. For shorter clearances, we offer custom cuts to get the perfect fit. If you are using your hood outdoors, it must be sheltered in some way.

To Conclude

It can be very daunting to even choose a range hood plus the added hassles that it should be right for your needs. But the thing to remember is that doing some research beforehand may save you a lot of hassle when you are actually using the appliance yourself. So good luck in finding out what exactly do you need.