What Makes the Right Pole Saw

What Makes the Right Pole Saw?

Who doesn’t like the look of neatly trimmed trees in their front yard? We bet you don’t want to see dead leaves and branches just waiting to fall on your head at any moment. To prevent that from happening you need the right pole saw.

Did you know that without having to bring in an expensive professional arborist or a landscaper you can trim and tame the trees on your property yourself? With a little help from us, you will know exactly what makes the right pole saw.

Pole saws help you eliminate the dangerous use of ladders when cutting higher branches. They are exactly what you need for pruning, trimming and cutting those limbs that get in the way. They can help you reach difficult branches in an efficient and secure manner.

Read on to find out the features that make the perfect pole saw which can also be called a perfect buying guide for a pole saw.


If you do not want to be the one supplying power to the pole saw choose the powered ones instead of the manual pole saws. Powered pole saws are of three types: battery operated, electric, and gas-powered.

  • Cordless battery operated ones are the most convenient if you want a lightweight and easily operated pole saw. They are usually 8″ to 10″ long and are perfect for trimming small to medium trees.
  • Although electric powered pole saws need to stay within a certain distance of an electrical source, they are the lightest because they don’t have gas tanks or battery packs. Requiring little maintenance and with budget-friendly prices, this might just be the best option for you.
  • Gas-powered pole saws are suitable for bigger trees. Its powerful engine helps cut through thick branches. Used mainly by forestry professionals, they are louder and more expensive.


Pole saws are usually from 8″ to 12″ in length. This size includes the length of your arm. So, if your trees are smaller, opt for a shorter pole saw. However, the best choice would be to get one with an extendable pole length to cater to the needs of the varying height of trees.

Length of chain

It is best to always opt for a blade size bigger than your thickest branch as it’ll make your job easier and quicker.


The last thing you want is to carry around a hefty pole saw. Even though they maybe a little more powerful, what you really need is a lightweight, easy to carry pole saw because cutting branches can be an exhausting task. So, go for the electric or battery-powered ones over gas-powered models.


Electric and battery powered pole saws are your best friend when you live in a quiet neighborhood or just don’t wish to disturb your neighbors. They are relatively quieter than their gas counterparts.


The right pole saw is lightweight, has an extendable pole, and a bigger blade than your thickest branches. It is also quiet so as not to strain your ears and is easy on your wallet.

Now you know what makes the right pole saw. Remember our tips when you’re at the store next time to get the right pole saw for your trees.