Types of Brake Line Flares

Types of Brake Line Flares

For any modern cars, a perfect brake line flare is a very important tool. A good smooth brake system depends on what types of flare you used for your brake lines.

As the name suggests, the mechanic of brake line flaring adds a flare at the end of the brake line.

With a good flaring, the end of the tube opens broader and allowing the connection to slip in deeper more easily and ensure a leak-proof connection.

You need some practice and knowledge to determine which types of brake line flares are useful for your automobiles. And it’s necessary when you do your own auto repair work.

There are many types of brake line flaring tools used in vehicles. Each has unique features and uses. In this article, we try to discuss some common types of brake line flares in the market.

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Common Types of Brake Line Flares

In the automotive industry, there are three common types of tubing flares are used all over the world. They are- double flare (45-degree), single flare (45-degree) and bubble flare.

But the most popular type of flare you’ll find on domestic or abroad is a 45-degree double flare.

Uses of Single flare

You can use single flare only in low-pressure brake line systems. Usually, single-flare is good for things like fuel lines. It’s also used in Copper and aluminum tubing.

Single flare has a tendency to break, that’s why it is not appropriate for high-pressure brake lines. Because a high-pressure brake line should need a stronger connection in brake line systems.

So, a single flare is not recommended tools for vehicles. But if you want to do your work quickly with ease and your vehicles not need any high profile brake flare, you can choose it.

Because it’s true, a double-flaring is more difficult to do than a single flare.

Uses of Double Flare

Uses of Double Flare

The double flare is a strong tube nut and it connects directly to the outside diameter (OD) of the flared tube lines. Double-flare is generally used for high-pressure connections.

It looks the same to a single flare but it’s much durable and stronger. Almost all USA manufactured cars used double flare in brake systems.

Uses of Bubble Flare

A bubble flare made with swivel nut and usually allow for resealing. But bubble flare has a bad reputation for a short lifetime. And if you do any mistake during the seal using bubble flare you can’t recover it easily.

Bubble Flares are common, especially on many European vehicles. The parts of Double flare and a bubble flare are almost the same. You can easily make a bubble flare using your double flare tools.

Final Words

Flaring tools is the most essential parts of a vehicle. A good and smooth brake system ensures your safety.

Here we discussed in short about some common types of brake line flares. Brake line flaring tools buying guide for toolspicks contains more info about it, you can check this blog site if you want.