Tortilla Press vs. Rolling Pin

Tortilla Press vs. Rolling Pin

We eat tortilla almost every day, even though it is one of the Mexican Culinary dishes. The tortilla can be made into chips and other delicious dishes. This is a food which you can easily make at your own home. For this, you can rely on either a tortilla press or a rolling pin.

Using a tortilla press or rolling pin can ease your efforts in making a tortilla. You can have them both in your kitchen and, if not, try to choose the best that suits your cooking methods and availability.

In our article, we have done some important research on the tortilla press and rolling pin. Finally, we have come up with an answer to your problems. Stay tuned and get to know which will be more beneficial for you. Let’s get into it then.

What Is a Tortilla Press?

The tortilla press is mainly an instrument that helps to make a perfect shaped tortilla without any hassle. This machine can be made of cast iron, aluminum, or wood. A tortilla press has two flat surfaces, and pressing the liver; you can make a tortilla from a spherical or round dough.

There is also an electrical tortilla press, which not only helps in shaping the dough but also cooks the tortilla inside it. Apart from the traditional ones, modern tortilla press has a non-stick surface that helps the dough not getting stick with the flat surface.

What Is a Rolling Pin?

A rolling pin is also an instrument that helps you in making a tortilla. It is cylindrical and has small handles at both ends. There are two types of rolling pin available- one is the roller, and the other is rod type of rolling pin.

Using both hands, you can shape the dough into a tortilla in your own way. This is the most traditional way of making a tortilla across the world. In the Asian Subcontinent, especially in India, a rolling pin is used over a flat circular wooden board named “Chakla.”

Tortilla Press vs. Rolling Pin

After a comprehensive study, we have collected data on both the tortilla press and a rolling pin. After reading this segment, it will be clear to you, which is better than the other and why. So, read carefully what is coming next for you.

Tortilla Press

Tortilla Press

Let’s start with the tortilla press. Various kinds of tortilla press have various pros and cons. Below, we are to describe some of the tortilla presses available in the market.

Aluminum Tortilla Press

This tortilla press is actually small and has less weight. For this reason, this instrument is easy to transfer from one place to another and easy to store. It is lightweight, and you can easily carry this press inside your backpack.

Wooden Tortilla Press

Being the most traditional press, it brings a touch of aesthetic look inside your kitchen. A wooden tortilla press is mainly made of either pine wood or oak, walnut, even maple wood. They are expensive, but if you have money issues, then you can easily manufacture this tortilla press inside your home as it comes less costly.

Cast-iron Tortilla Press

This tortilla press is heavier than other tortilla presses. But for the weight, it becomes easy to press the dough, and you can make a lot of tortillas at a time. Cast iron tortilla press is very suitable for making flour tortillas. The only problem arises when transferring this press from one place to another.

Using a tortilla press isn’t that difficult. You just need to follow some instructions and bingo! If you don’t know how to use a tortilla press, then go surf the internet or youtube. You will see how easy the process is.

Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin

Rolling pins are used using both hands that require skills to make a perfect shaped tortilla. We will talk about two kinds of rolling pins that are quite popular among the mass people.

Classic Wooden Rolling Pins

These rolling pins are mainly made of wood. The roller is smooth, and the handles are easy to hold, which gives you a comfortable rolling. This rolling pin will make your dough into a perfect shape with equal thickness. You can clean this rolling pin easily with warm water and gentle soap.

But you need to take good care of it. Otherwise, it will not last that long. This rolling pin is also heavy, especially when the handles are screwed with the cylindrical portion.

Marble Rolling Pins

These rolling stones are either completely made of marble, or the handles may come as wooden ones. They operate just the same as a wooden rolling pin. Marble rolling pins give a good look nevertheless and easy to clean with gentle soap and warm water.

They have a lot of shortcomings. First of all, they are conductive if the whole piece is made of marble. If the handles are wooden, then there is nothing to fret about. The dough also has many tendencies to cling with the surface, and the rolling pin is vetted heavy.

Final Decision

Based on our research, we have come up with our final decision. We will place the tortilla press one step ahead of a rolling pin. The prime reason behind that it is easy easier to use than a rolling pin. It is also an efficient method than using a rolling pin as it takes a lot of time to get the dough into perfect shape.

Is Home-Made Tortilla Better?

It is a fact that home-made tortilla is way better than any store-bought tortilla, and a foodieswiki explains the reason behind it is the extraordinary smell and taste. For this reason, most of the people in Mexico use a tortilla press or rolling pin to make tortilla inside the home.


Hopefully, you read the whole article carefully. Actually, it is up to you to decide which instrument suits you the better. Best of luck with your culinary expedition. Cheers!