How To Use Tile Cutter As The Table Saw

How To Use Tile Cutter As The Table Saw?

Normally, if you were to compare a table saw with a tile cutter, you would surely think that these are poles apart. After all, one is used for cutting wood, whereas the other is used for cutting tiles, and even stones at times.

But, did you know that tile cutters can actually be used as table saws as well? If you think about it, both of these tools do have some similarities, despite the materials and objects that they are naturally used for.

Hence, if you have a tile cutter at home, you don’t have to spend extra bucks to get yourself a table saw. You can carry the task out quite easily with the tile saw, and we are about to tell you how in this article.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, we will be providing you with all the information that you will be needing. So, don’t worry, you are just a few words away from completing your woodworking with a tile cutter!

Differences between a Tile Saw and a Table Saw

Before you start to use your tile saw to cut wood (as a table saw), there are some differences that you should note down. Surely, they look similar, they operate almost similarly, but what sets them apart?

  • Size

Table saws are usually large and require quite a lot of space for storage. However, tile cutters, on the other hand, are quite small and handy. They may look similar, but their sized dictate their identities.

  • Purpose

Tile saws can only be used for one purpose, and that is, for cutting tiles. On the other hand, table saws can execute multiple tasks perfectly. You can change the depth or use different blades to fulfill different purposes.

  • Cost

Table saws are obviously a lot more costly than tile saws. After all, they can be used for a lot of projects, unlike a tile saw. Hence, spending a huge amount of money on them would absolutely be worth it.

How to Use a Tile Saw as a Table Saw?

How to Use a Tile Saw as a Table Saw

Now that you have heard about their differences, you might be wondering as to how a tile saw can be used for woodcutting. After all, can a small tool really execute what the table saw is made to do? Well, you are about to find out.

  • Get a Suitable Blade

Diamond blades are great for cutting porcelain, ceramic, or stone. But would they actually be suitable for wood? They usually grind the material, instead of cutting straight through it. And you can’t have that going on with wood.

Hence, when you are about to use the tool as a table saw, make sure to replace its diamond blade with a steel one. The steel blade will provide a clean-cut and will be suitable for wood.

However, steel blades are generally a little more dangerous, hence, be more careful with them.

  • Check the Cutting Depth

With table saws, you can adjust the cutting depth. However, with a tile cutter, that really isn’t possible. So, before you start using the tool as a table saw, do check its cutting depth.

Afterward, check the thickness of the wood that you are about to cut. If the material is too thick, then the tool might not work on it. Or, you might need to cut it in two or three passes.

  • Adjust the Water Flow As Required

Cutting wood might require more or less water flow, depending on the thickness and the type of wood. So, first, examine the material that you are about to cut, and then adjust the water flow accordingly.

However, steel blades don’t require coolants in most cases, so you may not need a water supply at all. Hence, you can keep the supply off when it isn’t needed.

Final Words

Interestingly, table saws can be used as tile cutters as well. After all, their structures are pretty much the same; the only differences are in their sizes and blades.

So, if you have a tile cutter already and need to do some woodworking, then you don’t need to purchase a table saw. You can use the tile saw easily for minor woodworking projects, but make sure to follow the instructions properly.