Difference Between Plasma Cutter And Mig Welder

Difference Between Plasma Cutter And Mig Welder

Technology has been a true blessing for us. In today’s world, every single work has become easier than before. Welding metals is no different in this case. With advanced technology, it has become very simple and faster to weld metals.

In our today’s article, we will be describing the difference between a plasma cutter and a MIG welder.

Before going to the main part, we have to know about welding. Some of you may not well aware of this term. Well, when you want to combine two metals using an electrode, we call this process as welding. This welding process is highly utilized by manufacturing companies and construction zones.

Now, let’s get into the main topic. Stay with us.

What Is A Welder?

It is very obvious that a machine that is used for welding metal is called a welder. Welding machines should be used wearing a hamlet that is made especially for welding.

This is because while cutting metal with this machine, sparks come out quite often and it may damage your retina as well as the eye. It is also instructed to wear gloves to protect the hands.

There are different types of welders used for different purposes. Plasma cutter, MIG welder. TIG welder, Arc welder, and spot cutter are being used as different welders nowadays.

Difference between Plasma Cutter and Mig Welder

Some definite features make a thing different from the other. In the same way, if you look at the features of a plasma cutter and a Mig welder, you can yourself differentiate between them.

We have done our research and came with all the information you will be needing. Here we go!

Plasma Cutter

This instrument is usually used in cutting different kinds of metals. Plasma cutter works as the main tool in this machine and without a plasma cutter, you cannot run it.

Now if you want to know how this machine works, then the answer is, plasma is mainly formed with the help of high-speed gas that forms an electric arc on the below level and this plasma helps to blow the melted metal very fast right after it is cut. You can easily cut metals very easily and faster with the help of a plasma cutter.

When it comes to the main feature of a plasma cutter, it is its speed. The speed of a plasma cutter is almost ten times faster than any other welding machines. Some of the machines create inconvenience like catching flames quickly. With a plasma cutter, you don’t need to fret about this factor.

Plasma Cutter

There goes a problem while cutting the inner surface of a metal with other welding machines. But if you use a plasma cutter, you will see that the inner portion of the metal stays cool. There goes a specific problem with a plasma cutter. The problem is when you use it, it creates toxic fume which is harmful to health.

For this reason, it is recommended to use a plasma cutter in an open space or in a room with a good ventilation system. A plasma cutter needs a huge amount of current supply. In this way, it makes your electricity bill going up. But if you want to cut any kind of metal this machine comes with a great facility.

Fixitman Blog argued in a blog post that plasma cut artwork is quite demanding nowadays and you can easily earn money with a plasma cutter and great skills.  Nevertheless, a plasma cutter is more productive and effective than a Mig welder because of its speed.

Mig Welder

MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas. Whenever you use a Mig welder for cutting metals, this process is known as Gas Metal Arc welding. This welding machine is famous for cutting steel metals and aluminum. It causes less time in cutting metals than other welding machines.

You can easily carry a Mig welder and can travel with it for its being lightweight. With the help of this machine, you can easily cut lengthy metals and can weld the metal from any angle you like.

Mig Welder

The setting process is quite crucial because if you don’t correctly set the welder, you won’t get a neat finish. This machine needs greater voltage at a constant rate.

One of the noticeable disadvantages is that in the case of thick metal, it cannot prove its efficiency. As a result, no good finish. Try not to damage the nozzle or tip of a Mig welder because when you go for changing them, it will cost you bucks.

Like other welding machines, you don’t need to clean the metal after the welding. This machine is suitable for use in fabrication companies and at various farms. A Mig welder uses a wire feed where a plasma cutter uses an electrode.

For creating less heat, it is very suitable for cutting thinner metals. This machine comes in a handsome and affordable price for which it is quite famous among the general people.

Final Words

In this article, we tried to focus on the features of both the plasma cutter and a MIG welder. It becomes quite easy to differentiate after you know the features of both machines. Hope you enjoyed the article. Thanks for the patience reading.