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Meet The Lilith Rock

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Copper Cookware Basics – Cooking & Cleaning Guide

Copper cookware is one of the leading choices of experienced chefs because of its heat conduction ability. Besides, it is also well known for its beauty and stylish look.

Since copper cookware is costly so, investing in it is undoubtedly a big deal. This article is all about the basics that you should know about copper cookware for cooking and cleaning. It also provides some shorthand tips for cleaning and cooking with copper cookware.

Treating the copper cookwares rightly is not a difficult task if one has the idea about certain key things. All these key-issues are covered up on this article with a brief discussion.

Certain Things to Keep in Mind

The critical thing to keep in mind is that, apart from jam containers and several other containers like this, all the other copper cookware are lined. This is because copper is a reactive metal and is toxic to some extents.

When the lining is done with an inert metal, the cookware becomes safe to use. You will have to treat your cookwares differently based upon the linings made on them.

Initially, tin was used for lining the copper cookware. But, today, the manufacturers are focusing more on lining with stainless steel because it is very much resilient than that of tin.

On the other hand, the exterior portion of copper has its type of needs that are not at all similar to stainless steel or, tin. However, if maintained well, copper cookware can serve for generations.

Cooking With Copper Cookware

Cooking with Copper Cookware

Copper is a good conductor which indicates its energy efficiency by conduction. It heats up evenly and takes very little time to get heated up. It also cools down fast. That's why it is considered as a metal that is very much sensitive to heat and responsive as well.

Gas is the one source that you would prefer to use your copper cookwares on because cooktops that run on electricity shifts the temperature slowly. Besides, apart from some exceptional cases, copper doesn't work in case of induction ovens.

When cooking on the gas flame with your copper cookware, ensure the heat is gentle enough. Since copper is highly conductive so, it can cope up with a flame slow.

If your cookware is lined up with tin, be careful with high heating. Tin has some significant traits among which, its nonstick trait resides in the top. But, the melting point of tin is really low at about 232°C (450°F).

It is the temperature where empty cookware lined up with a tin can start melting and bubbling up. As a consequence, you might require to re-tin the cookware if you desire to get it back to working condition.

How to Prevent Problems when Working with Copper Cookware

To prevent this type of problems regarding tin lining, you have to follow the technique of preheating. Preheat your copper cookware that is lined with tin by using fatty products on them like Oil or, butter.
If you see any type of smoke, be sure that you are getting near to danger. If the food is in the cookware, it is safe to some extents because the food will prevent the cookware from being overheated.

The copper cookware that is lined with stainless steel can't offer the benefit of being nonstick. But, they are way too good at handling temperatures. You can let a stainless steel lined copper cookware on the stove for a long time and make it go scorching without anything bad happening.

However, if the lining of steel decouples, a problem might occur that can't be fixed right away.

There are a good number of sources that will forbid you to use metal products with tin linings. Because they consider the fragility of the tin, it might happen that, you ended up scratching the tin. Overall, it will depend upon your own decision and intake of risks about what to choose as a lining of your copper cookware.

How To Prevent Problems When Working With Copper Cookware

Cleaning Copper Cookware

Similar to cooking with copper cookware, the cleaning process depends on the lining. In the case of tin, the nonstick quality helps a lot for which, a small effort on cleaning is required.

Tin-Lined copper cookware can be easily washed by filling it with water and adding dish soap to it in a small amount. If it's left for some time to simmer, a perfect cleaning can be ensured and the minute particles can be cleaned off with a wipe.

You should avoid scrubbers like Sponge pads, steel wool, etc. You must keep in mind that, a tin will naturally start darkening when it comes to the exposure of heat though it won't result as a problem after scrubbing it away.

In the case of copper cookware with stainless steel lining, you can conduct a cleaning process by scrubbing. It is straightforward and similar to what you do in case of cleaning your other steel pans or, pots.
Talking about the copper exteriors, you have several choices in your hand. At the very first, you should know that copper cookware doesn't require polishing as the other cookware do.

This serves as very good news for those who don't want to spend further on this cookware. But, be very careful to wipe away the dribbled food on the pan before it gets the chance to settle on.
If you fail to wash your cookware, send it to a professional cleaner who can ease your task.

Cleaning Copper Cookware

Using Copper Cream to Clean

“Copperbrill” is a cream used for cleaning the surface of copper. “De Buyer” and “Mauviel” are two of the famous brands of this cream. It will entirely depend upon the look you desire to use the cream that often.
To get a surface that shines, clean your cookware after every single use. Again, to get a good patina, clean the cookware occasionally.

Now, about the procedure of using the paste, first, rinse the cookware thoroughly. Then, use a cloth or, sponge to rub the paste gently on the surface of the copper.

Make sure that you are taking a small amount of paste that requires. After that, rub a few more paste on the whole of the cookware. Finally, wash the cookware under running water and let it dry.

Using Copper Cream To Clean

Cleaning Alternatives

1. There are several alternate ways to clean copper cookware. A few of them are mentioned:

2. Mix lemon juice and kosher salt in a bowl. Mix it well until it turns into a paste. You can use this paste to wash you copper cookware.

3.This is an interesting alternative way of cleaning copper cookware. Use ketchup! Put a small amount of ketchup on the pan and use a cloth made of micro-fiber to rub through. Do the rubbing in circular motion. It will clean your cookware.

4.Take the help of the maids who has several other solutions when it comes to cleaning the copper cookware.

5.Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with several tablespoons full of lemon juice. Use this mixture on the copper cookware and rub thoroughly. Finally, polish with a cloth, and you're done!

6.Pour salt and vinegar on the pan. Start rubbing and keep continuing until the luster is coming back. Finally, rinse the pan and polish it with a clean and dry cloth. If you want to enhance the natural look of the cookware, wipe it with a few drops of vegetable oil.

Cleaning Alternatives

Things to Avoid

Never put copper cookware in the dishwasher. This is because the detergents used in the dishwasher doesn't treat copper pans gently.

You should also avoid using cleaners containing bleach since they are corrosive. Bleach can even cause a pit to the cookware.


We all want our copper cookware to remain shiny and lustrous, and we also want to cook on them with satisfaction. This is surely not much that you want from your cookware but, for that, you must put some effort into them.

This article was a small guide to that. So, start caring for your copper cookware and in return, cook on pans that seem new and clean enough.

Which Copper Cookware is the Best and Why?

Copper is the first metal humans worked with. So it's no wonder that Copper cookware is the workhorse of the kitchen.

Coppers heat up fast and cool down more quickly. So it gives the chef more control over cooking temperature than they would have if they worked with other cookware. Copper cookware is a must in any kitchen!

Copper cookware not only gives chefs control over the temperature but it’s also good for one’s health. Cooking in copper cookware can help you lose weight. It is good for your digestive system and has anti-bacterial properties.

The most recommended copper cookware sets of 2020 are the CONCORD Copper Cookware.

Copper Cookware A-Z

To choose the best, one has to know about the features! Copper cookware provides great heat transmission and proper adaptation to temperature changes. This is the main reason why copper cookware is so popular among professional and home chefs. The shiny brownish color of the cookware also catches the eye.

Copper Cookware

The only disadvantage here is that this type of cookware requires a lot of maintenance. Another drawback of the copper cookware is its price range. The CONCORD Ceramic Coated Copper Cookware costs about $81, compared to the regular cook wares which generally require about $18-$45, the copper cookware is very expensive.

What To Look For? 

​While buying copper cookware, there are so many aspects to look for. Everything has its pros and cons. The pros of copper cookware mostly outweigh the cons. The following things must be checked while making a copper cookware purchase.

  • Shiny And Bright Exterior

Copper is a shiny metal in general. So for copper cookware, being shiny is essential. If copper cookware isn't reflecting light brightly, it is not of very good quality. The copper cover must look luxurious and rich.

Shiny And Bright Exterior

The work put into building a copper utensil can be seen in its shine. Durable copper cookware has gone through processes that result in the shine of the metal. A shabby looking metal is not a reliable or durable one. Also, the shabbiness of metals does not look anywhere; not even on kitchen utensils.

  • Durability And Reliability

To know if copper cookware is durable or not, at first you have to examine the shine of the copper. If the copper metal is not shiny, the metal is not well made. When a metal goes through heating and polishing; it smoothes out and gives a nice shine!

So a copperware is durable or not can be known from its shine. Also, going through internet reviews helps to get a good idea about different company's copperware.

The copperware itself must be good looking and well made. Check the screws, the handle, and the bottom, everything of the utensil.

One cannot get a good idea unless they use the copperware, but these things help measure durability. Reliability mostly depends on the company. Always buy copperware from a reputed company.

  • Set Price And Size

The CONCORD  Cookware has 8 pieces of kitchen utensils all made of copper. It costs about $81. Considering the set and the price is essential. If it were one piece, obviously such a high price wouldn't have been reasonable.

Always check the price and the number of utensils provided in the set while buying a copperware. Compare with other sets and make your decision wisely! 

Why Use Copper Cookware? 

Well, the copper cookware are not just good conductors and shiny, they come with different kind of benefits. Though all the copper cookware doesn't offer these benefits, you will know which ones are best for you soon, just keep reading!

  • Cooking Benefits

As copper heats fats and cools down fats too, they are handy for cooking delicate proteins like seafood and fish. The copper cookware is for the fast goers; it works fast and keeps the flavor in!

Cooking Benefits

Copper cookware are also amazing for cooking sauces like caramel, chocolate, tomato sauce, etc.  Remove copper cookware from heat while cooking a delicate sauce, and as the temperature drops quickly, the sauce doesn't get overcooked.

  • Health Benefits

Copper is known to lose weight. Many South Asian countries have a tradition of eating in copper plates to preserve their health. Copper has antibacterial property and does not contaminate germs easily. 

The Best 

Throughout this article, The CONCORD Ceramic Coated Copper Cookware has been called the best so far. But there are other popular and useful copper cookware too. Copper Chef Frying Pan set is a three-piece set from the company of Copper Chef.

It includes an 8-inch frying pan, a 12-inch frying pan, and 10-inch frying pan. Square pans are gaining popularity these days because of their aesthetics and as they are easy to use.

Ceramic Coated Copper Cookware

The BulbHead Red Copper 10 inch square pan is one of them. This thing is nice to look at, easy to work with and made of copper!

Copperware can be of different types; Jam pot is one of those types. The Mauviel M'passion 11-Quart Copper Jam Pan is one of the most popular jam pots. The jam pots are used to make jellies and jams or sauces in large batches. Based on your needs, you should choose the best copperware for your home!

Why Best? 

The copper mentioned above wares were selected the best by its users because of their consistency with the service. Copper wares are one of the rare utensils that last. They were selected best in 2019 and are highly appreciated among world-class chefs. For a restaurant or home, this copperware is an absolute asset.


Copperwares do ensure your health is well, and your food tastes good, but you have to be careful while buying it. Copperware is an investment, and that investment should benefit your home and you too. There are many types, research a bit and choose what your kitchen needs. Have a happy kitchen!

Food Addiction – Is this the Only Reason We are Fat?

Suppose you are in the office and wondering when you can have the spaghetti you saved from last night's dinner. A second later you remember your doctor's strict warning about not consuming any carbs. Last night was a cheat night (oh no!) Does it sound familiar?

You were told you are addicted to food and constantly worrying about it and end up eating more. Quite a circle! But what if I told you food addiction may not be the reason for obesity. There are many other reasons and we need to be aware of it.

Food Addiction

Food Addiction

When one is addicted to consuming palatable or foods that contain a high level of sugar and fat as it activates the award system of the cognitive function which is a consequence often observed in other animals is called food addiction.

Its Effects on the Brain

Men and women often indulge in food which contains sugar or salt that triggers the satisfaction or reward areas of the brain. The neurons are specifically trained to be happy with the body's consuming sugar. Why? I'll give you the answer in a minute.

And also any type of consumption of sugar also relaxes the brain and people with this addiction become more encouraged to eat as addicted people suffer from anxiety most of the time.

Causes and Symptoms

The causes of food addiction are many and they can often relate to many psychological issues as well as social and biological.

The symptoms are feeling the need to eat even when one is full and feeling guilty later. One may eat hiding at late night to hide his/her weakness for food, inability to control his/her craving.

But there are many other reasons for becoming fat or obese. And after knowing them you will hardly ever believe the commercials of diet and gym again that relentlessly tell you to control your craving and exercise.

Our Ancestors are to be Blamed

Before our ancestors started to settle in one place and cultivate their own food in simple words they became farmers, our foragers gathered food by hunting.

As they lived on meat or animal diet mostly so if they ever laid their hands on some starch or foods with high sugar level it was a relief from their daily food no matter how good it was.

Our Ancestors are to be Blamed

And also this food was highly energizing and they would find these foods rarely or sometimes after searching a lot. So consumption of sugar used to trigger their reward level of the brain.

We have advanced too quickly for our brain to understand that finding foods with a rich portion of sugar is not an adventure after 1 month of walking and searching of two forests, one can just open the fridge or go to the supermarket when there is none at home.

And so our brain still becomes happy as a child when gets sugar. So stop blaming yourself, rather think of reprogramming or not.

Tradition and Norms

Food habits depend on society, culture, and country. But still, we often grow a habit of junk foods and unhealthy processed foods in communities. After all, there is McDonalds and KFC in many countries. In many poorer areas, people only eat processed foods as they are cheap.

But many countries traditionally eat rice or carbs as their main dish where side dish is only one and in a little amount. They grew the habit when they were farmers or someone who had to do physical work all day out.

But now they don't do physical work anymore and they still eat such energized food which is hazardous for health. Thus these food habits are which we maintain as valuable social or traditional norm can lead us to weight gain.

A Marketing Strategy

The processed foods, salty nuts, and junk foods are advertised and people often rely on them for daily meals as they are often cheap. But these foods make you crave for more and you end up eating them.

Marketing Strategy

They also made sure it would cause obese. Some poor society cannot even buy fresh food as they are expensive.

And after you have gained weight, congratulation! Now there are many organizations to help you lose weight through “Healthy” diets and “Exercise”.


We have to admit, we really don’t know much about weight gain. You blame your addiction and become stressful, shy and embarrassed to even ask about or look on it. And you think someday miraculously you will learn to control it.

But maybe you are not addicted in the first place. And we never look at what all these food commercials are about. Everyone's body works differently and a different type of diet should be assigned.

But to know that one needs to study about food first and experiment for what food is good for them rather than counting calories and reading Facebook posts on health pages.

We get a lot of misinformation regarding food and diet everywhere. But believing all of them and looking beyond are another reason behind our weight gain.

Insulin and Hormone Imbalance

Only to digest and process food, there are a lot of hormones, fluids, steps of slow and steady work of many organs working together that take almost 5/6 hours.

Insulin is the one to look out for as it is responsible for your waistline. High intake of carbohydrate increases insulin which is a hormone for reserving fat and it leads to obese.

Often the rare case of hormone imbalance arises as there is a rare disorder called Cushing's syndrome for which one's body produces steroid hormones in excessive amounts.

And there is hypothyroidism which causes an inability to produce enough hormones which can mess up with your weight.

Deficiency of Iodine and Vitamin D

Deficiency of Iodine and Vitamin D

Recent surveys showed that almost over 70% of people were suffering from iodine deficiency which disables the thyroid to produce enough hormones.

Thyroid decides the distribution of energy or fat. Many of us suffer from iodine deficiency which causes weight gain and we call it food addiction.

Even the deficiency of vitamin D leads to weight gain. When the imbalance of vitamins and other minerals happens, one suffers from many fatal diseases including obesity.


There are certain medications that lead to weight gain and medicines for hormones are the one to look for. Some women suffer from menstrual problems due to weight gain and their medications lead them to obesity. So the whole process goes in circles.

The medicines for thyroid also lead to obese and other medication for overproduction of steroid hormones that happens in Cushing's syndrome. Also, the medication for diabetes, depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy are often responsible for obese.


All day at work, completing different projects, meeting deadlines, pleasing the boss these can be pretty stressful. Even the students who have to constantly worry about grades, assignments, careers, social status and now they have to deal with different addictions to social media and also please a lot of people.

When people are running out of breath food becomes their only comfort. Many become depressed and start to consume more food as it relaxes the brain.

As Freud often smoked because it cleared his mind and the same could be observed in Sherlock Holmes.

But the truth is any type of consumption (water, cigar, food, and sugar) relaxes the brain as the brain and body together concentrates on processing the food, the blood rushes to the stomach and the brain relaxes every time on eats.

Some even cannot get past to their childhood traumas and personal problems that compel them to relish on food.


There are numerous reasons behind becoming fat, such as genetic problems, heredity, medical conditions and imbalance in consuming many minerals and vitamins.

We should look for the cause instead of thinking stereo typically and blaming food addiction. Give another thought before appointing a session for psychotherapy to treat your addiction.

Red Copper Pan Reviews – How Good is It Actually

The red copper pans came into popularity very recently. They are made using a combination of copper along with the nonstick kind of ceramic. The copper in the blend provides with durability as well as resilient properties.

These pans do not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals that might cause any sort of health issues. That allows it to be safe for both adults and children altogether.

A lot of the chefs and home cooks are attracted to these pans’ properties. The red copper pans are claimed to be PTFE and PFOA free, making them great for people who do not want the unhealthy chemicals from their pans to get into their food. You can both use them on stovetops and in ovens.

Let's discuss some of the popular red copper pans to figure out if they are good.

Red Copper Pan Reviews

1. BulbHead Square Red Copper 9.5 Inch

BulbHead Square Red Copper 9.5 Inch

This pan is made using materials of top quality and new technologies. Due to the nonstick feature, you will be able to cook food without having to use extra butter, grease or oil and still be certain that your food will not be sticking to it.

You have to be careful when dealing with tacky food as it will burn quite fast, cooking at higher temperatures. However, even if you end up burning the food, you can clean the model quite easily. So, there is no need to worry about cleaning burned food.

Since this pan is of ceramic and copper make, there will be no PFOA or PTFA, making it very safe for use for you as well as your family. You have to make sure that the residue does not dry on the pan by filling it with soap and hot water after use.

Overall, the pan is a great choice for your kitchen. However, one drawback of it is the weight. It is quite heavy without any food inside and gets heavier during cooking.


  • Food won’t stick
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Safe for dishwashers


  • Does not come with a Lid

2. BulbHead Ten-Inch Red Copper

BulbHead Ten-Inch Red Copper

The ten-inch pan is made both ergonomically and with style, making it look great – placed in any kitchen. It is healthy and safe to use. You can cook using it without ever needing to use grease, butter or any similar ingredient that is unhealthy.

Though the pan is claimed to be utterly nonstick in advertisements, it would be wise to be still cautious cooking food that is extra sticky. Also, it is best to avoid high temperatures for cooking with this pan.

Its ceramic coating allows for ease of cleaning so that you do not need to scrape or rub the food off of the pan. If the food still does not come off easy, soak the pan with soap and hot water. The pan can safely be cleaned using dishwashers as well.

A drawback of the pan is that the bottom of it is ridged, causing the pan to sit funny on raised stoves. Also, it is quite heavy to move around. Apart from that, it's great, and you can cook almost any food using it.


  • No synthetic chemicals included
  • Easily cleanable
  • Very durable build


  • Heavy and needs care when handling

3. Red Copper Deluxe Twelve-Inch

Red Copper Deluxe Twelve-Inch

This piece is perfect if you are looking to make quick meals. No polymers or acids are in the pan, making it safe for the use of your family. Unlike other pans, this one comes with two handles. This is great to have featured as you will be able to use both of your hands in case the pan gets heavy with food.

You can use a dishwasher to clean this model, but if you want the pan to last, then wash it using warm water and soap that is mild. Use a towel afterward to dry the pan.

The pan comes with seasoning instructions, and the surface of it delivers the advertised nonstick feature. You won't have to worry about sticking, no matter what kind of food you are cooking.

Also, the pan is nontoxic, both in case of food and no chemical gets released into the air. It is safe to use the deluxe pan with an oven as it can safely handle temperatures up to five hundred degrees.


  • Great for any type of cooking
  • Two handles for oven use
  • Durable and tough


  • Coating tends to come off

4. BulbHead Square Red Copper Twelve-Inch

BulbHead Square Red Copper Twelve-Inch

With its versatility and attractive design, the pan made by BulbHead can be considered as a fantastic addition to the kitchen. This pan will help you as an ally to achieve your goal if you are planning to go on a diet that is healthier.

The pan will allow you to cook various types of food including flambéed and baked ones. Its cooking surface is entirely made using nonstick materials that completely negates the need for using butter, grease or fat, leading to a safer eating habit.

You cannot easily scratch the pan which makes it more convenient to clean the pan and also makes it safe for dishwashers.

The model uniquely comes in a square shape that lets you prepare more food at once. But it might be difficult to put the pan in a rack built for round cookware.


  • No cold spots on the pan
  • Bigger surface allows more food
  • Very easy to use and clean


  • The handles tend to get hot

Reasons for getting Red Copper Pans

So far, we have talked about different pans of the red copper kind and looked at their good and bad sides. Here are the most common reasons for them that help supports the fact that these pans are good.

  • Nonstick Surface

Cleaning these pans is a complete breeze as food residues or grease will not stick to the pan’s surfaces. So, you can clean up fairly easily once you are done using them.

  • Durability

The copper element in the pans make up for high durability and some of these pans like the Red Copper Deluxe one, can tolerate heat up to the temperatures of five hundred degrees.

  • Versatility

Lastly, the red copper pans are most reliable when you need to do a range of different cooking tasks, for example, flambéing, braising, frying and baking.

  • Heat Conductivity

You have to admit that these red copper pans offer aesthetics. Also, these are great for conducting and distributing heat equally throughout the body which is fabulous for making meals at home. Also, as the heat transfer is more efficient, you end up saving on gas or electricity.


The reviews of red copper pans show that they offer more than what their drawbacks are. It would be safe to say at this point that the pans are actually quite good and you will not regret getting one or a few.

Copper Chef vs. Red Copper Pan – Know in Details

We all have different preferences. Cookwares are very important to a chef. A person who loves cooking always wants to get the best thing there is in the market. And every cookware in the market tries to claim that they are the best.

However, recently two cookwares are making headlines across the market. They are the Copper chef and the red copper pan. With all the noise about this two cookware you have to wonder, which one is worth the fuss. Even if both are amazing, which one stands out.

To find out we reviewed these two items. Used them and checked if their claims were correct. We did an in-depth analysis as well. Let's get into the details.

The Claims They’re Making 

These two cookware companies are making pretty big claims. Almost every company does sell their products. However, very few live up to the expectations.

  • Copper Chef

The copper chef is made from the best durable copper there is. It is durable and does not require replacing for a long time. Because it's made from copper, it heats the surface evenly. Giving you the perfect heating solution.

Copper Chef

It's made from 100% genuine copper making it ultra-durable. Also, its components are non-toxic. Making it safe and healthy

The copper chef also claims to be the best non sticky cookware. It claims that nothing will stick to its surface while being cooked.

They also claim that it’s dishwasher proof. You can also hand wash it using abrasive.

  • Red Copper Pan 

The red copper pans made a similar claim. They claimed that nothing would stick to the surface. The food would slide on the pan and wouldn’t stick. The advertising video is just amazing, how smoothly the food slides on the pan.

Size, Material, and Types

The same cookware brands usually provide multiple size and shapes of a single line. Cooking is an art that requires different types of cookware, depending on the task. We also have different preferences according to these shapes.

They also use different materials as well. Each material has its benefits.

Copper Chef


As mentioned before copper is made from copper. It’s hard and heat absorbent which creates equal heat across the pan. The copper material makes it strong.

They even have a ceramic base. Thich is heat resistant.

Size and Types  

They have different types of pans ranging from 8" to 12" and bigger pans. They even have deep fryers as well.

Red Copper


It has a copper surface which is infused by ceramics. It has a nonstick surface as well.

Ceramic is very safe, and it's good at high temperature. Making it a great material to use

Size and Types 

Red copper pan has different variations. From square pans to round ones. Different sizes as well. There is even a 10 piece set which includes different variations of cookware.

How Are Safe These Pans?

The biggest concern we all have about cookwares are if they are safe. Cookware that is not safe could lead you to many types of health issues. That might have very bad long term side effects.

There can be no compromise for these products when it comes to health issues.

Copper Chef

The copper chef is made of copper which is durable. It has been tested. The heat is equally distributed

Furthermore, the pan itself has a non-sticky lair. It's safe to use and hazard free. There are no toxic chemicals in the layers. The layers do not peel off either. Making it completely safe.

It's dishwasher safe as well. It can be cleaned easily. Powerful cleaning agents can be used on it as well. Usually, you shouldn't use them on non-stick pans. But in this case, you can.

Red Copper Pan

Red Copper Pan

Red copper pan has both ceramic and copper as its component. Making it ultra-heat durable.

100% of copper could react with food components. But that doesn't happen here because there is a non-sticky layer.

Speaking of the non-sticky layer, it’s not toxic. It doesn’t have any bad materials that are harmful.  It’s both PTFE-free and PFOA free.

Performance of the Cookwares  

Performance of the Cookwares

Let's get down to the main part now. The performance of the cookware. Both of them live up to their expectation. They both have good components and amazing build quality.  However slight differences set them apart.

Copper Chef

The copper chef's not sticky layer lives up to its hype. With its ability to make sure nothing sticks on the surface, copper chef truly performs.

It can withstand up to 850 F . Perfect for roasting, burning. It’s also dishwasher safe, oven safe.

We would rate this 4.6 out of 5.

The Red Copper 

The red copper performs amazingly as well. It's non sticky layer is unbeatable. It's just as good as advertising. The food slips in the pan like butter.

The Ceramic and copper combination is fantastic. However, it can only withstand 500F. It good for flame, boil shallow fry, stir. It packs a fantastic performance.

We would rate this 4.8 out of 5.

The Winner

Both cookware are amazing. They perform very closely making their performance almost identical. Their components are very close as well. In terms of build quality, they are the best the market has to offer.

 However, what set the copper red apart is its non-sticky layer, which creates a smoother cooking experience. That little extra bit of non-sticky experience made this pan the winner by just a margin.

If you don't believe us try it yourself. You can try out both of them. Both of these cookware offer a variety of pans well. Making cooking more fun.


When it comes to cooking, we want the best cookware for our comfort. This extensive review may have distinguished the better cookware between them. But in reality, both are amazing cookware. They deliver the perfect experience one could hope for.


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Emma Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

A graduate from International Culinary Center, and a food enthusiast.

Mike Spencer


Being brought up in New York, I had the chance to taste various types of dishes from different continents as it’s the hub for people of different cultures. So, I hope I will be able to bring the same taste to you.

Philipe Regaller

Chief Cook

Another graduate from International Culinary Center, and highly experienced in the arts of culinary.

Ivan Starvoski


In charge of handling our day-to-day operations.


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